Welcome to FARMCOM Webmail


Why use webmail: Your own e-mail account can be viewed, read or new mail sent from any Internet connected computer whether it is just up the road or outside the UK.

With webmail it is possible to view e-mail headers without downloading them, some inexperienced or inconsiderate users like to send large e-mails, often several megabytes which can clog your mail box.

These can be easily deleted without having to download all your e-mail

All you need to know is your username and password.

Username: Your username forms part of your email address. You need to insert agr- in front of the username, for example: lily@username.farmcom.net would be agr-username.

Password: If you have forgotten your password please telephone 0871 2230343 (calls charged at 10p per minute), We will e-mail your password ASAP.

FarmCom.net does not accept any responsibility for lost or misrouted e-mails.


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