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WMR-918 Pro Weather Station

This complete weather station has everything necessary for environmental monitoring. The system comes with a complete set of sensors to monitor the following: Wind speed, wind direction, inside & outside temperature, inside & outside humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall. The weather station also calculates dew-point and wind-chill. All these parameters are displayed on a large, easy to read, touch sensitive LCD screen with graphics. The system also includes PC software and data cable so you can view and analyse data using a PC.

Ultimate convenience in a compete personal weather monitoring system; everythings included and with no wires it makes for almost instant setup.
Touch-screen control for the ultimate in sophistication and efficiency.
PC link and software to monitor the weather outside from your home or office computer!
Weather Forecast for the next 12-24 hours with graphical icons.
External sensors each have a small solar panel to re-charge on-board batteries.
Works with up to three extra remote Temperature and/or Temperature/Humidity sensors i.e. for greenhouse; wine cellar readings.

Unit Dimensions 178 x 108 x 44mm
Touch-Screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Date and Time via radio controlled clock. (12/24 hour display)
Clock Accuracy: ± 0.5 Seconds/day
Uses 4 AA batteries and AC power adapter (included)

Temperature Measuring Range
Indoor -50°C to 70°C
Outdoor -50°C to 70°C
Resolution (Indoor and Outdoor) 0.1°C
Sampling Cycle (Indoor and Outdoor) 10 seconds
Dew Point Temperature Measuring Range
Indoor 0°C to 47°C
Outdoor 0°C to 56°C
Resolution (Indoor and Outdoor)1°C

Relative Humidity Measuring Range 2 to 98%RH
Resolution (Indoor and Outdoor) 1%RH

Barometric Pressure/Trend Measuring Range
795 to 1050 mb
Resolution 1 mb

Wind Speed and Direction
Wind Speed Measuring Range
0 to 56 m/s
Resolution (typical) 0.2 m/s
Wind Direction Measuring Range
0° to 359° (degrees)
Resolution 1° (typical)
Graphical Resolution 10° (degrees)
Wind Chill Temperature Measuring Range
-85°C to +60°C
Resolution 1°C

Daily and Cumulative Rainfall Measuring Range
0 to 9999mm
Resolution 1mm
Rainfall Rate Measuring Range
0 to 9999mm/hr
Resolution 1mm/hr

Real time displays on a PC